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Must have a valid ID & 21 yrs old. NO deliveries on federal property.

Choosing the Best Marijuana Near Me Store or Dispensary

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Choosing the Best Marijuana Near Me Store or Dispensary

The cannabis industry has, over recent years, seen tremendous growth as legalization proliferates. One fast-expanding sector, especially as a response to the raging COVID-19 pandemic, is weed delivery. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are; finding weed delivery near me poses a challenge. 

You want to make sure you get high-quality medical or recreational marijuana. Cannabis delivery works much like an Amazon order or pizza delivery. You first choose a licensed store or dispensary and place an online order. Having said that, how do you choose Washington D.C’s best weed delivery service? 

Here are several factors worth considering when looking for weed delivery near me:

Know What You Want

Once you choose your store or dispensary, the online budtender will assume you know what you want. This is comparable to when you order a drink at the bar. The bartender assumes that you know what drink you want. The more insight you give on the kind of cannabis experience you desire, the easier it becomes for the weed dispensary business or online store to pair you with their best product.

When it comes to choosing your weed, you have many options. You could, for example, have Indica dominated strain or a Sativa dominated strain. It could be mainly THC or CBD. It would help if you did your due diligence with such varied options before hitting the weed delivery near me “order now” button. 

Check the Prices and Quality

When searching for marijuana delivery near me, compare the shopping options available. Check out different websites, stores and dispensaries. There is nothing wrong with knowing you are paying a fair price and getting the best deal. Even within legal markets, you are likely to see extreme variations in prices, quality, and cultivation practices. 

Each day, scientists are developing new Marijuana strains. There are currently many strains available with varying levels of THC and CBD. Ensure that the dispensary or store you choose stocks the particular strains you want. Don’t sacrifice quantity for quality, and because you are paying for it, ensure you get fresh weed that looks and smells good. 

If you are not sure about the Marijuana quality, why not order a small sample first and test it? If the results are pleasing, then you can proceed to make a bulk order. After all, you want the best Washington D.C’s best weed delivery service.

Shipping and Delivery

You need to ensure the outlet you choose can deliver your weed safely and on time. Weed delivery near me services vary by menu selection, delivery requirements, price, order size, operating hours, service areas, and customer service degree. 

Request for Recommendations and Read Reviews

It’s an excellent idea to request proposals from people you know and trust when searching for Washington D.C’s best weed delivery service. For one, the cannabis dispensary near you might look awesome on a website and yet fail to meet your expectations. Before you choose, read reviews from past users and clients. This way, you get to know what to expect as you look forthe best Marijuana delivery near me.

Looking For Good Quality Weed In DC? We Have Got You Covered!

With weed now legal in DC, laying hands on good quality weed has become the talk of the town. The Initiative 71 law brought about a spike in DC recreational dispensaries and the overall weed delivery business. But it does not allow legal transactions of recreational weed in the city, which further underlines the element of ambiguity.

Image Source - Pexels

In regions such as California or Colorado, weed is entirely legal, and finding cannabis is an effortless task, but there are several other regions where one has to go to some lengths.

“Is weed legal in DC?” is a doubt prevalent among people living in the capital even today. To answer that question, yes, it is legal, but there are several nuances to its availability that you need to be aware of. Also, it is not always easy to find good quality weed in the city.

So, we have compiled a guide on differentiating the good quality weed from the bad one and a list of 10 locations of genuine weed stores in DC.

To begin with, we’ll take you through a bit of the capital city’s journey with weed.

History of weed legalization in DC

The Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative of 1990 or Initiative 59 prohibited the possession or use of weed without a physician’s recommendation. An interesting fact - It was rejected by 31% of the voters in 1998. But the US Congress passed the Barr Amendment to prevent the implementation and the use of medical cannabis within the city.

After that, it took Congress 15 years to go back on its ruling. Finally, in 2013, they lifted the ban on weed for medical usage and allowed the setting up of the ABRA (Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration) to oversee it.

In November 2014, the voters of DC passed the Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014 (Initiative 71) after receiving 65% of positive votes. It allowed individuals aged 21 and older to possess a limited quantity of weed in the city without requiring a medical recommendation.

How much weed can one possess?

Since Washington DC initiative 71 came into play, adults aged 21 or above can possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis. They can also cultivate up to six plants in their residence, with no more than three being mature at any point in time. At the maximum allowance, a residence can have 12 weed plants and no more than six mature at the same time.

Image Source - Pexels

Under the law, individuals requiring marijuana for medical purposes will have to get themselves registered and can then purchase up to 4 ounces every 30 days.

But there is a catch. While you can hold limited amounts of marijuana, you cannot buy it anywhere within the city. So does that mean that selling weed is illegal in the city? Not entirely. For one, getting weed in Washington DC is possible through approved stores, or you can get up to one ounce for gifting weed in DC.

How to figure out if the weed quality is good?

Growing weed is difficult to excel at, as there are multiple aspects to keep in mind and ensure in the final product. So most people choose to buy it. With the increased presence of synthetic marijuana, it has become increasingly difficult for buyers to distinguish the good quality from the bad.

Image Source - Pexels

When it comes to the growth of weed plants, there are a few nitty-gritty involved. Marijuana plants react to light and are sensitive to nutrient supply and climatic conditions. In addition, they require curing, processing, de-contamination and have to be kept at an optimum temperature for them to stay safe and healthy.

So if you are opting for the easier route and buying or looking for weed delivery, it is imperative for you to have the necessary knowledge to ascertain the quality served to you. You will require plant knowledge and have to keep in mind a few intricate details to ensure you are not being duped.

Here is a list of pointers that can help you and ensure you’re choosing good quality weed.

  1. It is much more than just THC

  2. While THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is often thought of as the primary criterion for weed quality, this is far from the truth. Marijuana that attracts the top dollar seldom has the highest levels of THC. Why, you may ask. Good quality cannabis is a complex arrangement of terpenes and cannabinoids, together termed the ‘entourage effect’. The better the combination, the more enhanced the experience.

    In contrast, if a flower is high in THC content, it will not have the required diversity in its compounds, and this may not bode well for those consuming it. The experience will more likely be one-dimensional and short rather than being enjoyable.

    So, it is safe to say, when you are buying cannabis, you are paying for the package and not merely for the THC content.

  3. Freshness

  4. Cannabis degrades over time, and if you do not have direct access to the flower and are opting for weed delivery, it is imperative to take freshness into account. The terpene content in it evaporates continually, and, typically, there is barely any left within six months. So, buying fresh weed would be a good start.

  5. Smell

  6. You can also try to ascertain the marijuana’s quality by smelling it. Once you get it delivered, you can determine the terpene content by its aroma.

    You can get three kinds of smell from a bud: diesel, sweet, or woody. If it doesn’t smell of anything at all, it is better left on the shelves. The more pungent it smells, the more terpene content it has. If a bud smells terrible, you have an indicator of improper care and processing of the plant. In addition, chocolate-like bitterness indicates the indica variant (the more preferred one), whereas citrusy notes point to the sativa variant.

  7. Taste

  8. Image Source - Pexels

    The best way of understanding the quality of the weed is to test it. All you have to do is to prepare a joint and smoke the bud to taste its freshness. If you are a regular smoker, you already know your preferences. Do not forget to take the after-burn smell into consideration for judgement of quality.

  9. Density

  10. Density is another vital factor that helps differentiate the good weed from the bad. If the plant has been harvested properly, its buds would be dense. On the other hand, weak and improper growing procedures result in light buds lacking density and appearing pale in color.

  11. Color

  12. Looks matter even with respect to cannabis. Buds that have been taken good care of would be lush-green in color or, occasionally, of purple, red, or a brown tinge. While having a mix of colors is acceptable, remember that the overall shade should be lush-green. If it is all brown, you should ignore the batch at all costs.

  13. Moisture content

  14. When you try to crush a marijuana bud, it can either appear sticky or crush quite easily. The latter is a sign of bad quality. Weed that has been tended to well would have a high terpene content and would stick.

  15. Molds and pests

  16. Like most other flowers, improper storage conditions or processing can lead to mold and pests development in cannabis. These are easy to identify; so, ensure you are buying weed devoid of such impurities.

  17. Trichomes

  18. The ripeness of the trichomes is another indicator of good quality weed. These are structures that house cannabinoids and terpenes. A perfect trichome will be milky white with a blanketed formation. If the weed is harvested before it reaches maturity, you will get to see white ones, whereas amber or brown ones indicate the plant is not being harvested timely.

  19. Look for Contamination Test Result and Certificate of Analysis

  20. Before you order weed online, remember the product goes through a contamination test. The results appear on its packaging, and this serves as an indicator of the purity of the buds you are buying. So, whenever you are getting weed in Washington DC, make sure you check for its contamination test result.

    In addition, a Certificate of Analysis is compulsory for every licensed manufacturer dealing in weed in Washington, DC. It is a detailed report listing the molecular constituents of the buds you are buying. It will give you a complete insight and inform you if the ones you are purchasing match the requisite composition requirements.

  21. Structure

  22. In most cases, high-quality indica buds will have a fat, dense, and tightly packed appearance. In contrast, sativa buds will appear leaner, airier, and wispier. If you are looking for hybrid buds, they would have traits of both these variants.

    Presently, most weed companies in Washington DC and elsewhere use trimming machines that can significantly affect the trichome count of the weed. So, it is vital to look for manufacturers providing hand-trimmed flowers.

Ten best stores in DC for weed delivery and pick-up

There are a plethora of weed stores in DC, but getting weed delivery online is one of the easiest ways to procure it without any fuss. These stores follow the highest delivery standards and will deliver high-quality weed to your doorstep. This option not only helps you keep your purchases discreet and away from prying eyes but also lets you enjoy some great deals without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Here are the ten best stores in DC for getting your weed delivery with little to no effort:

  1. DC Aroma

  2. DC Aroma has been one of the most reliable weed suppliers for the past few years. They offer a wide range of products, including cannabis flowers, edibles, cartridges, concentrates, and pre-rolls. In addition, they house knowledgeable staff who are always looking to help customers and are committed to providing the best services.

    DC Aroma operates in the entire DC area and is known for safe and sanitized delivery services. They offer free delivery for all orders exceeding USD 200 and are open throughout the week. They not only excel at their service but also provide superior pricing and deals round the clock. While in the store, do not forget to try the exotic BlueBerry Afgoo and NYC Diesel. Most people are particularly floored by our top-shelf Purple Punch, which punches way above its price tag.

  3. The 420 Club

  4. Are you looking for indica buds? Or are you a sucker for sativa ones? Irrespective of your choice, you are sure to find them at dmvkush. They are the perfect option for those who seek something different because of the myriad of categories on offer, and they even have a hybrid variant named ‘Trainwreck.’

    Image Source - Pexels

    The brand offers flowers in different categories, weed edibles, cartridges, concentrates, and pre-rolls in exotic flavors and operates throughout the week for hassle-free ordering and delivery. Do not forget to try their Sour Gummies and Gummy Worms while you go through their range of offerings.

  5. The 420 Club

  6. Located next to the ARCO station and just above Kid Cents’ 2nd hand clothing store, The 420 Club is a pick-up and delivery store quite popular among marijuana consumers in DC. They offer a wide range of products, including the likes of sativa and indica flowers, weed edibles, cartridges, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

    Even though the weed they offer is top-notch, it is their cartridges that are the real showstoppers. The Paris OG is a delight to use, and Gaviota Mist has a flavor quite distinct from everything else tasted before.

  7. DMV Weed Delivery

  8. The DMV Weed Delivery is another home delivery store that specializes in weed delivery across DC. From the premium Gorilla Glue, a 50/50 hybrid strain, to the Exotic Godfather OG, the recipient of the Best Indica winner at the 2015 High Times Cannabis, they have it all. In addition, they have an exclusive top-shelf with options like ‘Sunset Sherbet’ and ‘Chemdawg.’

  9. Ace of Buds DC

  10. A premium cannabis delivery service in Washington, DC, the Ace of Buds DC has products ranging between $25 and $70. From the Stone cookies (a variant of the OG Oreo cookies) to the Starburst gummies, this store has it all. It doesn’t have a wide range of flower offerings, but the edibles are impeccable and a must-try for customers. In addition, the store has been known to have friendly staff around who take care of regular shoppers and offer them freebies.

  11. SparkUp

  12. SparkUp is known as one of the best weed delivery stores in DC. It offers an exotic range of indica flowers, including the Alaskan Thunder (ATF), Durban Poison, and the highly-rated Tangie. They also deliver pre-rolls and cartridges at affordable prices. For regular smokers, they always have a few exclusive deals running across their outlets.

  13. Higher High

  14. Located beside the NannyPod outlet in DC, Higher High is a specialist in weed delivery in the city. They make ordering an effortless affair and offer a wide range of options for every marijuana consumer out there. In addition, they often give flat 10% off to their new customers.

  15. District KushMart

  16. With District KushMart, you get a ton of exciting cannabis and related items at a reasonable price. In addition, it has a wide range of sativa flowers to satiate your needs and offers many edibles. Also, if you are looking for pre-rolls, District KushMart lists both standard and exotic variants to help you reach higher.

  17. Weed Labs

  18. Weed Labs is known for ordering their cannabis stocks directly from farmers, making it possible for them to offer the best-quality options at the lowest prices. In addition, their delivery service is top-notch, and they house highly well-trained staff who know their job inside-out and do it well. Their Rainbow Belt is an offering to die for and will leave every one pleasantly surprised.

  19. Stash

  20. Stash is known to keep a complete weed stock and is one of the best weed stores in DC. Their variety of strains is impeccable, and you will have a gala time ordering from their outlet. Not only do they offer superior quality, but their pricing also helps them stand out from the crowd. When you order from Stash, make sure you have the Raspberry Haze in your cart.

It's 4:20 in DC!

Image Source - Pexels

DC houses a lot of weed, but an inexperienced customer can be sucked into buying sub-par stock pretty easily.

The pandemic situation has made it difficult for one to pick up weed stock from a store in the present scenario.

Instead, getting it delivered from a trusted vendor would be the best option. We have got you covered. At DMV Kush, we list the best weed stores for weed delivery in a hassle-free manner.

Click here to explore the stores and order from a plethora of trustworthy stores in Washington, DC.