What is the Cost of a Pound of Weed in 2021?

With cannabis becoming legal in several parts of the US, more people are searching ‘what does a pound of weed cost?’ Given the nature of this product, it is inevitable that the price varies significantly from one region to another or across retailers.


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Let’s be very clear – good-quality weed doesn’t come cheap. But given the product's sensitive nature, most people are wary of being scammed or ending up buying counterfeits. So they go around to understand the right price they have to shell out for quality weed.


This article discusses the cost of a pound of weed prevalent across the US and the factors that impact it.

How much does a pound of weed cost?

In the US, cannabis is like any other commodity and is traded on online stock exchanges. A pound is 453.59 grams on the MKS system or equal to 16 ounces. A single ounce of it is good to roll 28 joints. It means a pound can contribute to around 500 of them. That should be enough if you are planning a house party.



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As for the pricing, it depends on a plethora of factors and is set in real-time across regions. Depending on the area and the variety, you can find a pound of good weed hovering in the USD 2,000 to 3,000 range. You can find it cheaper in some states that have no restrictions, and you can expect to pay double in areas where it is illegal.

Factors impacting weed’s price

Here are the factors that contribute to determining the price of a pound of weed:


With weed getting legal status in many parts of the States, it has led to several players trying to cash in and make money. With competition becoming fierce, it has been reflected in the pricing factor too.




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Even though many state governments have legalized the trade and usage of weed in their territories, they do not miss out on charging hefty taxes on it. Of course, it goes without saying that the traders won’t bear the taxes themselves and will pass it on to end consumers.


Cannabis on the top shelf would always cost more than that on the third shelf. What is the difference, you ask? Quality. Several factors determine the quality of the flower, such as the seed, growing ambiance, cutting, processing, and more.


Any item traded in the free market is subject to demand and supply-based pricing movements. So is weed. It has gained ever-increasing traction among residents of the States. This has led to its demand seeing a steep uptick, and the pricing has risen concomitantly.


Legalization has a massive impact on the cost you pay for weed. If a state has been unable to bring about significant reforms to stabilize the prices, you are more likely to pay more, with the pricing being highly volatile. Even when the restrictions are minimal, it is not free from red-tapism and unwanted hassles.

Wrapping up

The price of a pound of weed varies across stores and depends on several factors, as mentioned above. While it is alright to pay a bit more than you’d anticipate, you should never compromise on quality.


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